Curriculum Work Cycle

The Montessori Way

A peaceful learning environment filled with children is a beautiful sight. It is the culmination of the efforts of every individual child, educator and parent working together for the greater good of the learning community.

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On a daily basis, students are provided with uninterrupted time and space to practice their lessons either individually or in a small groups.

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In addition, students are exposed to experiential learning through the prepared indoor and outdoor learning environments. Montessori educators are trained to direct the child to grow toward inner discipline and peace through purposeful engagement with others and the environment.

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Besides the traditional academic lessons in math, language, and writing, the Montessori Curriculum provides opportunities for the child to discover and strengthen skills that educate the senses. Each child is exposed to lessons in cultural diversity ranging from, parent presentations to card materials. 

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Presentation on dances, food, language, customs on Spain.  Lila’s Mom was born in Madrid, Spain.

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Yonatan’s mom was born in Israel.  This Hanukkah presentation is one of many presentations on Jewish culture.


Rashika was born in India.  She presented custom dress, music, and language from her childhood Indian community.

Cultural lessons along with traditional and non traditional Montessori lessons are made available for students to choose and practice during their 3 hour work cycle.  Practicing how to make the best choice for one’s own growth and development while respecting the needs of the larger community is a daily active process.
Animals of Asia

Animals of Asia

Assembling the world map

Assembling the world map

Leaf shapes from the Botany Cabinet.

Leaf shapes from the Botany Cabinet.

Being peaceful

Being peaceful

Each concept in every part of the Montessori Curriculum may be introduced by the educators or student leaders.  Instruction may occur in a large group, small group or in an individual setting.
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Building community awareness is an important part of personal growth.  The children collect and deliver food to the Food Bank and well as perform for senior citizens in senior homes.
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Montessori Education in the 3-6 year old plane of development is a scientific method designed to develop the foundation for learning.  Within the prepared environment, the desire to learn is continuously being cultivated by trained Montessori Educators. Their keen observation of the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual growth and development allows them to respond appropriately to the needs of the child.