Spring Open House

Parents, teachers and children enjoyed a wonderful spring morning getting together around fresh coffee and bagels provided by Shanna, Danilea, Dan and Tonia.  The children were also very proud to show off their winter Asian projects displayed on the scrolls, as well as their Chinese art, geometry, zoology and botany studies and much more.  Thank […]

Fall Open House

Thank you to everyone for making today’s open house a wonderful success! Raiden’s and Hunter’s moms, Iris and Chelsea were at school from 2 – 6pm on Friday afternoon, mounting, hanging and displaying the children’s art work. Iris and Hunter’s dad, Rudy were at school again this morning to set up the refreshments and clean […]

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Our World of Water Summer Camp presentations ends with a skype visit with Mrs. Kam in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  The children were able to get a close up experience of many things they learned during this month.  For example, shoreline,sand, rocks, coral and shells, salt water, beach, sea, island, bay, erosion, ocean, some plant and […]

Town Creek Park

This morning we traveled to Town Creek Park to have a scavenger hunt and look for animals in the pond. We walked around the edge of the pond, at the water’s edge, and saw many animals. We saw thousands of tiny frogs and toads on the bank, tiny fish and tadpoles and swimming insects. There […]

SCUBA Presentation

This morning, Olivia’s dad (Christian Brodbeck), joined us to talk to us about SCUBA diving. Christian is a SCUBA instructor and has made over 140 dives. After a discussion about all the things we could see underwater and how those animals breathe Christian introduced us to SCUBA Steve. With the assistance of SCUBA Steve and […]


  We welcomed our first day of summer camp with the building of a terrarium.  The children enjoyed constructing it using a layer of rocks, activated charcoal, and potting soil.  Once the layers were set, they placed some moss, ferns and flowering plants along with a toy turtle and an alligator for decoration.  We also […]

Family Day

Thank you to all of our families for contributing to another successful Family Day at The Children’s House.  Approximately 60 adults were in attendance in addition to about 35 little ones.  Many grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, and past students graced our presence on this wonderful day.  Our educators and children were involved in many weeks […]

New Stage Seating

A very big THANK YOU to our dads – Rick (Lakyn’s dad), Allen (Joseph’s dad), Colt (Raiden’s dad), Tod (Josie’s dad) and Christopher (Asha’s dad). Rick Werner had some trees cut down at his home and offered to cut some logs to replace the old ones around the stage and the stepping logs in the […]

Parent Presentation – Computers

Greer’s daddy, Adam Long, joined us this morning to introduce us to the parts of a computer.  The children took the opportunity to handle and scrutinize the CPU, RAM, hard drive, and mother board of a lap top.  A child attributed the mother board as having similar characteristics of a little city. Following the presentation, […]